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We deal with both classical and rare colors, both short-haired classic and long-haired British cat. All our cats live with us at home. We take care of our cats as members of their family. Kittens grow in love, affection, care, they get a lot of attention, super-premium food, vaccinated with imported vaccines. To have at home the British cat is a great pleasure! This is the only animal that can smile! They are real aristocrats of the cat's world! They are good-natured, imposing and always near you! The British cat will bring peace, comfort and joy to your home. Few will remain indifferent from the chic, powerful animal with thick paws. a large round head and puffy cheeks, from his mouton, stuffed and plush coat.


+2 #1 Hello 2018-01-28 17:37
Очень хорошие кошки :lol:

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